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Protect the Planets is the first public test of the open source first-light game engine written in Common Lisp by Peter Keller and Micheal Fiano. You can find us in #lispgames on freenode or ##hacker-theory also on freenode.

This game requires linux with at least an nvidia gtx 660 strength video card and drivers installed, opengl 4.3+, and an xbox-like controller.  It is not required that the gpu actually be nvidia.

first-light doesn't yet have capability to produce binary games, so to run the game you'll have to run it from source which is provided in the tarball.

During the this game test, I discovered a bug in first-light which prevented handing of collisions properly, so this game is currently incomplete--the player cannot die, the planets don't get damaged, can't move forward in levels, etc. If I manage to fix it before the end of the jam, I'll upload a new tarball.

Install instructions

;; Download protect-the-planets.tar.gz from itch.io
;; Have a linux box with a gtx 660 or better, opengl 4.3+,
;; and an xbox-like controller on which to play.
;; > sbcl
;; CL-USER> (ql:update-all-dists)
;; CL-USER> (quit)
;; > cd ~/quicklisp/local-projects
;; > git clone https://github.com/mfiano/golden-utils.git
;; > tar zxf /path/to/protect-the-planets.tar.gz
;; > cd protect-the-planets/first-light
;; > sbcl
;; CL-USER> (ql:register-local-projects)
;; CL-USER> (ql:quickload :first-light.example)
;; CL-USER> (fl:start-engine :scene 'fl.example::lgj-04/2019)
;; left stick flys
;; right stick shoots
;; esc quits


protect-the-planets.tar.gz 53 MB

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